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For guidance in life and connection to loved ones

In an ideal world, we go with the flow of life moving in tune with what feels natural to us, allowing our intuition to guide us when making decisions and actioning our greatest desires with ease and alignment. 

In today’s world, that is not always possible. We have become a fast-paced society with thousands of small decisions to make throughout our days, tight deadlines, appointments and the expectations of others, of ourselves and of society clouding our way making daily life feel more like traveling down wild river rapids rather than a gentle flowing stream.  

This is where readings can be helpful. Sometimes you need a hand to pull you out of the rapids where you can sit alongside the river and see the best direction for you to swim moving forward on your journey. 


A Shaman from a sacred Andean lineage described me as having the great vision of a condor, the highest-flying bird, with the ability to see the bigger picture of life and to see the best direction to take. A greater perspective can be all we need to feel more in alignment with what we want and feel more confident with what we need to do moving forward.  

I have heard so often ‘I thought I should do that too’ or ‘That’s what I was leaning towards’ or ‘Yes! I had hoped you would say that as I want that!’. Sometimes that external confirmation, perspective, offering is what we need to help us have the confidence to 100% ‘be’ our true selves and to ‘do’ exactly what we want in this life.   


What to expect and how I work: 

I am the messenger. I connect to your energy and I hear, see, feel and know the information that needs to be shared with you. It works as a conversation so you can ask questions for more information and about an issue or person. There is no sugar coating of the messages, I share the messages exactly as I receive them as I believed they are meant to be heard that way. Do be prepared for some truth bombs. I had to get that disclaimer out there!


What you need to do:  

Be open. Open to receiving information, guidance and messages in this reading. Be open to the possibilities. And be open to leaving what does not feel right to you right now. It may be relevant later down the road.

My experience and training:

My spiritual practices have always been so special to me from journaling my dreams as a child, reading cards and astrology as a teenager to energy healing and teaching yoga in my twenties. I qualified as a Registered Nurse at 21 and always felt so honored to care for people while at their most vulnerable and in their hour of need.

Intuition and spiritual connection are natural gift’s that have come though the maternal line with varying levels of expression throughout the generations and women. My natural gift is clairvoyance and as I become more connected with spirit, psychic mediumship. It took me a long time to realise what this was as it was so normal to me. Who knew that it wasn’t everybody’s experience?

When I attending training with psychic medium, Sue Nicholson, I finally understood what I could do and began developing my gifts and abilities in the world of spirit and connection. It was like a big doorway swung open and I felt like I finally stepped forward into ‘me’ and my purpose. I had been searching for that click, that big ‘YES’ for my whole life and it came with such a sense of relief, familiarity and comfort knowing that I was helping people the best way that I can and have come here to do. 

Investment for 1 hour Reading $155 nzd


Amy has a beautiful presence that radiates out to everyone that encounters her energies.  I have had a rèading with Amy.  I was pleasantly surprised and blown away by her insights and words of wisdom.  Most of all, Amy helped me to believe in myself.  She gave me the courage and strength to pursue my dreams, my gifts and hidden talents.  Amy is intuitive and spiritually gifted.  She is a beacon of Love and Devine Light.  Thank you Amy - Doris

I had a reading with Amy last week and WOW! She is so powerful in her connection with spirit, she had clear vision of my goals and specifically gave clarity on a project I'm currently working on yet had some confusion about. I was able to bounce forward with complete faith since my reading with Amy. 

She was so kind and soft in her approach yet delivered messages from spirit with such accuracy and left me feeling incredibly empowered in my current situation. 

She tuned into a product my partner and I are launching and was able to describe in complete detail the way it would work and we had only started planning it that day. 

Amy also connected with my children in spirit and gave guidance to help me see how my career and travel plans will compliment having children - when I was feeling it would be one or the other. 

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone wanting further guidance and clarity in their life and trust 100% that Amy delivers messages with utter love and total support, compassion, kindness and care. 

I can't wait to work with you again Amy, thank you from the bottom of my heart! -Libby

My reading with Amy was absolutely beautiful. She came though for me with such clarity about multiple areas of my life and left me with so many new insights. Amy is a powerful clairvoyant who has the ability to tune into very specific details and pick up on things not many people do. Her reading was super empowering and left me feeling motivated and looking forward to what is to come for me in the future. I definitely recommend getting an intuitive reading with Amy if you're in a need of some guidance, reassurance and clarity. She is one of the kindest soul sisters I have ever gotten the chance to work with and her bright light will light up your room even if she's thousands of miles away! I can't wait to work with Amy again and will definitely be booking another intuitive reading with her again in the future!


Amy went above and beyond during my reading by giving me guidance on questions I have had for a long time with thoroughness and precision. I really appreciate how Amy's background in Nursing helped bring clarity to my health related questions. She was able to picture clearly many aspects of my life that the conversation led to to help me better understand my family and friends. Amy is a beautiful and intuitive guide that has greatly assisted me in confidently pursuing my journey of self discovery. Thank you Amy! -Rachael

Investment for 1 hour Reading $155
Gift Vouchers available 

Once your payment is made you will be sent a Calendly link 

to book a time for you

Your reading will be recorded and an audio copy will be emailed to your within 24 hours

Gift vouchers available

Please note: No evening or weekend                                      readings available 

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