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Amy Masters - mother, woman, free spirit

Mother, Woman,Free Spirit

Amy Masters

Spirituality has been a natural part of my life and began with journaling my dreams as a child, reading cards and astrology forecasts as a teenager, to qualifying as a reiki healer and yoga teacher in my 20’s.

As a strong women's advocate, I spent my nursing career working in gynaecology, maternity, paediatrics and in the community.

​Self-development and spiritual practices became both my passion and my lifeline when I experienced postnatal anxiety and depression after having both of my babies.

I knew my greater mission was to support and guide women who were experiencing a loss of self-identity and a deep feeling of 'something missing', as I had.

​I am now a psychic medium, spiritual life coach and sacred space holder for women seeking more fulfilment and deeper meaning in life. My clients long to have the confidence to listen to their intuition, connect with their true self, and become aligned with their life path so they can turn their dreams into reality.

As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.

– M Radmacher

Amy Masters


Registered Nurse: Gynaecology, Maternity, Paediatrics and Primary community.
Yoga Teacher, 200 hr
Reiki Practitioner
Kinergetics 1 & 2
Certified Astrologer
Moving into Higher Energies - Sue Nicholson
Gifted Experts -Jessica Reid
Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist : Andean Lineage/Anchoring the Light

Life Coaching: Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Luminous Leaders: Medicine Women level 2 

Live as a woman who feels valued and loved, for being you 

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