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Bali Retreat with Amy Masters

" The Bali Retreat with Amy transformed my life.
I was stuck in a negative thinking rut and this was just what I needed to pull myself out of that and create the life I wanted back home.
The whole experience was exactly what I needed. "

- Lani

Bali Retreat with Amy Masters

retreat experiences

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Divine feminine workshops

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Women's Circle

  • Water cleansing and blessing at the Tirta Empul Temple

  • Ketut Liyer visit, palm reading and blessing

  • Ubud market tour and Balinese cooking class

  • Temples of Chi for sound healing

  • Balinese massage

  • Self-care time! Pool time, massages and body treatments, shopping, and however you need to fill your cup

Balinese massage

Balinese massage, healing and holistic spa treatments

Ubud market tour & Balinese cooking class

Traditional Ubud market tour with Balinese cooking class

Water cleansing & Blessing

Water cleansing  and blessing at the Tirta Empul Temple

Package inclusions

  • All retreat activities (as above)

  • 7 nights accommodation in an air conditioned bungalow

  • 2 meals a day-daily breakfast and either lunch or dinner 

  • Private driver

  • Daily yoga classes and private studio

  • Spiritual feminine workshops, ritual and ceremonies

  • Bali sisterhood and group connection

  • Freedom to rest and be nurtured

  • Support from Amy as your retreat facilitator and sacred space holder

Banana Leaves

Amy Masters

Awaken Retreat Facilitator 


Holistic and spiritual practices became both my passion and my lifeline when I experienced postnatal anxiety and an identity crisis after having both of my babies.
I knew my greater mission was to support and guide women who felt disorientated with life and
were experiencing a loss of self-identity on the path of life transition, as I had.

Guiding women through the journey of reconnecting with their full self and honoring her in daily life become a mission and purpose in my lifetime. I often hear similar stories of sacrifice, holding back, living only as part of self to please others and putting their own needs last. No more! This can't be us anymore! Women were born to receive love, nurturing, respect and to be honored and revered for their divine femininity and open heart. I am here to help you to remember and honor the Goddess within. 


To guide and support women to not only to get through difficult times but to feel an electricity of excitement in everyday life and for the future ahead is one of my most important roles in this life.

Join me for a spiritual journey to the island of the gods

Bali view

benefits of retreating

Imagine stepping away from your responsibilities and 'to-do list' for 8 magical days and 7 rejuvenating nights. Unwind, journey, discover, deeply relax while you enjoy being served nourishing food and be held in a sacred container of divine feminine nurturing, empowerment and support.  Reconnect with yourself, tune in to your wants and needs and float away with a full cup and new desires to manifest...

Retreating is a powerful way to step away from the busy flow of your daily routines, habits and responsibilities and connect to the calm atmosphere and relaxed mood of the day to deeply nurture yourself on every level (I’m talking body, mind, and soul!) reconnect with your true nature and emerge from the retreat feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to start putting yourself first. YES!!

"As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way."
- M Radmacher


Fill in the form below to add your name to the waitlist for the 2025 Bali Retreat and be first to know when the details are finalised and it is available to book.

Book your Awaken Bali Retreat - Spirituality, Sisterhood, Sacred Journeys - Amy Masters
Thanks for your interest. I'll let you know when the retreat details are finalised.

" To be honest, the retreat was life changing & mind blowing, so only positive feedback. I can't believe the space you held for us & magic just happened!!! You are such an amazing woman Amy, thank you so much for sharing your light, truth & journey to openly.
🌺 I'm still humming... "

- Larsarah

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