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Sacred Women's Coaching:
Embark on a Magical Journey to Your Dream Life

Awaken your inner goddess, unlock your potential, and manifest your wildest dreams with a transformative 12-week sacred women's coaching journey.


Does this sound like you?

Is your soul whispering that something's missing? Do you yearn to reconnect with your authentic self, break free from limitations, and live a life fueled by purpose and passion? You're not alone, sister.



I'm Amy, your guide and sacred space holder. My life journey, infused with spirituality, shamanic wisdom, and deep soul work, empowers me to support women like you on your path to awakening. Just like I did when I overcame postnatal anxiety and depression, I'm here to help you rise from the ashes and claim your birthright: a life of joy, fulfillment, and boundless possibilities.




  • Connecting with your intuition, a powerful inner compass guiding you towards your dreams.

  • Shedding layers of self-doubt and embracing your true, wild, unapologetic self.

  • Living in alignment with your soul's purpose, radiating confidence and magnetism.

  • Manifesting desires with ease, creating a life filled with abundance and joy.

This isn't just coaching

it's a magical exploration of your soul.


Through potent tools like intuition coaching, energy healing, and shamanic practices, we'll embark on a journey filled with:

  • We'll rise together, sister. No judgment, just genuine connection and encouragement on your unique journey.

  • Laughter and tears: We'll celebrate victories and release what no longer serves you, creating space for transformation.

  • Within this safe space, vulnerability unlocks your true strength and opens doors to deeper connection. 

  • Imagine our conversations: open, honest, and tailored just for you. You'll feel seen, heard, and understood.

  • Awaken your inner muse and co-create with the Universe to manifest your deepest desires.

  • Through sacred practices, we'll unlock the intuitive wisdom that guides you towards a life aligned with your true purpose.

  • Spiritual connection: Tap into the divine feminine wisdom within and connect with your true essence.


Amy Masters

This 12-week program includes:

  • 6 powerful 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

  • Unlimited email and voice message support during business hours for ongoing guidance.

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire to dive into your desires and set your intentions.

  • And so much more!

This investment in yourself is an investment in your future. For $1200 (with payment plans available), you'll embark on a life-changing journey that ripples through every aspect of your being.


Ready to say YES to your dreams? Book your FREE 30-minute discovery call today and let's explore how I can support you on this magical adventure.


"I was thrilled to find such a great match in Amy, we are similar in many ways, and I truly felt like she was, and is a ‘soul sister’

At the end of the first session, I started to gain a lot of clarity around what I felt called to work on. Through careful and thoughtful questioning Amy allowed me to go deep into my desires and what I want to grow in my life. It was inspiring and I felt myself coming alive with possibility" -Lou Kelle, Yoga teacher and soulful life coach


This program is for you if:

  • You're open to spirituality, energy work, and the power of the divine feminine.

  • You're ready to take action and create real change in your life.

  • You seek a safe space to express your deepest desires and vulnerabilities.

  • You crave sisterhood, support, and unwavering belief in your true self.

Remember, you are a sacred being with the power to manifest your wildest dreams. Let's unleash that power together.

Click the link below to book your call and step into your magical journey today!

P.S. This isn't your average coaching program. Expect honest conversations, laughter, tears, and maybe even a sprinkle of f-bombs (because sometimes, that's just what we need!). But most importantly, expect transformation.

Lou photo.jpg

Lou Kelle, Yoga teacher and soulful life coach

" People around me have noticed that I’m on a path of self-actualization and healing. I’m showing up for life with a newfound confidence and direction.

So much has shifted. After years of ‘wishing’ to be a painter, I have well and truly opened the creative floodgates. There is a large, colorful canvas that I painted on the wall of my house, and more in the works. I feel deeply purposeful in my yoga and coaching work and feel I have tapped into an energy that wasn’t available to me before. Clarity is a wonderful thing to have". 


Amy blends her intuitive gifts as a psychic with her nurturing and grounding energy as a coach.

The blend of the two makes for a powerful combination. At times I really felt like she was channeling wisdom from anotherrealm!"


Pre-Coaching questionnaire will be emailed to you when you express an interest in a Life Coaching Journey with me. It asks some inspiring questions and is designed to help you get to know yourself better and what you think you would most like to get out of coaching.

The coaching series will run over a 12-week period which includes:


6 x 60-minute Coaching sessions via Zoom


Emails and voice messages support during business hours


$1200 for the 12-week Life Coaching series


Payment plans available

Click on the link below to book your 30-minute complimentary call

to learn how I can support in in a coaching series


Ready to say YES to your wildest dreams? Let's chat! Book your FREE 30-minute call and explore how I can guide you.


Click the link below!



Amy has a presence which lights me up, so when I discovered she was a life coach my reaction was an absolute ‘yay’! I had never done coaching before so I didn’t know what to expect, but wow - it has been such a great journey. She helped me turn a page full of ‘mind-dump’ where I was unsure what my goals even were, into some carefully tailored and absolutely potent, powerful goals. 

The accountability & clarity gained is so priceless; It’s one thing to have an idea of your goals, but another to actually break it down into steps and take the appropriate action. 

I love Amy’s ability to get to the heart of the matter, through asking the right questions and analysing my comments & feelings as the weeks went on. The action steps were modified each session where needed, to evolve and flow with my journey. There were some weeks where I hit a wall, and she sent through additional worksheets, meditation tracks, advice or activities, and having the 1:1 voice messaging was so supportive and beneficial.


The journey unfolded with such ease and I am so excited to keep working together! She is such a positive, vibrant and bubbly person, who is very approachable & someone who I can be an open book with. Her strategic, direct, action-orientated approach is exactly what I have needed. Thanks a million x 


Luci M, Designer

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