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Amy Masters - Feminine Spirituality Coach

Step into your feminine energy

Hey Goddess!

If you are craving more fulfillment, peace

and general good vibes in life,

then you have landed in the right place.

As modern women the struggle is real and there just ain’t the time for the self care we need and the self discovery we crave!


I see you and I’ve got you sister.


My strength is bringing ancient practices and wisdom into our busy days in a light hearted and empowering way that sets the scene for finding flow in your life and getting your mojo back. #getitgurl


We all go through stages where we have our shit together, nail life and feel proud of ourselves but, inevitably, we all moments where it just ain’t happening and it all feels like our world is falling to pieces. It probably isn’t, but it definitely feels that way! Just like the ebbs and flows of nature, we too go through these cycles.

This is where turning to ancient practices can be empowering.

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Online courses and membership


A 9-week course to envision (and embrace!) a new and improved version of maternal life.


A private and intimate membership community where women gather together to support one another through motherhood.

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BALI Retreats
and local retreats

Retreats are a powerful way to step away from the busy flow of your daily routines, habits and responsibilities and connect to the calm atmosphere and relaxed mood of the day to deeply nurture yourself on every level. (I’m talking body, mind, and soul!) Reconnect with your true nature and emerge from the day feeling inspired and refreshed. YES!!

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Work with me for a 12-week series to explore your dreams and visions for the next chapter of your life. 


1:1 coaching series for women seeking guidance and support as they traverse the transformative path from maidenhood to motherhood.

Women's Coaching

amy masters

...your spiritual guide to more fulfilment and deeper meaning in life

I help women become enchanted with their own self-discovery journey and realising they have everything they need inside of them already to make their dreams a reality is the what sets my heart on fire!

Amy Masters - spiritual guide to more fulfilment and deeper meaning in life
Awaken Bali Retreat - Amy Masters
Awaken Bali Retreat - Amy Masters

Awaken Bali RetrEAt

6th of June to the 13th of June 2024

Awaken your inner goddess

7-night retreat in Bali where you'll experience yoga classes, divine feminine workshops, cacao ceremonies, and more...

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