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Women coming together is one of the most powerful practices we can do and one tradition that is needed now more than ever.

“When you help a woman fulfil her potential, magic happens.” - Sara Blakely 


Remembering the old and ancient ways of being by connecting with other women can provide guidance to what is missing for women today. For thousands of years women lived near their families and were supported with guidance from their Mother and wisdom from their Grandmother. Aunties, extended family and other women supported each other through feminine transitions, becoming a woman, Motherhood and menopause.

We are not designed to travel this journey alone. Our feminine journey is enriched with the support, nurturing and guidance of other women.

Empowered women empower women. Lifting each other up during hard times and stress can be the difference between coping and total breakdown. Having someone (or someone’s) to relate to who have been through similar stages of life has a bigger impact than we know. Being held in a space of non-judgement, understanding, support and love is important…actually, it’s vital!

Exploring these practices together can led to groundbreaking ‘aha’ moments or simply have a subtle ripple effect around you as you inspire and up lift others with your newfound peace, sense of self and energy. 

Modalities explored include:
Meditation, cacao journeys, holistic well-being, sacred sexuality, astrology, shamanic practices, yoga and breathing techniques, the chakra system and so much more.

Self-discovery and exploration of holistic and spiritual modalities is a life-long journey where kindred spirits and like-minded souls meet.


As you continue your journey of self-discovery there may be modalities or teachings that don’t resonate with you at all. Just leave those and keep on going! I am a very chilled out chick and am 100% cool with you being honest with what vibes with you and what didn’t. We are all different, so it makes sense that not everything with click with you. The spice of life is to explore all kinds of things that ring your bell so keep following that blissful feeling you get when you unearth something you love x



 $33 in-person

Seat at the circle, 91 Ruapehu Street, Paraparaumu








Thank you so much for that wonderful weekend. But mostly thank you for the times in the yurt. That was so powerful and I didn't realise I needed it until afterwards.  I first walked into the yurt a broken woman but the last time I walked out, I walked out a better (not yet complete) woman.

Your kind kind words the last day I longed for. I have never been told them words before. Sure my partner says nice things but nothing like what was said. I was never told these things growing up and never knew what it felt like. It was so emotional but I needed it. Thank you once again!

This has been such precious time. Valuable self awareness and love for others. Especially loved the ritual, cacao ceremony, yoga, the sacred feminine, our swim in the awa-loved it! -Aroha

I went to the Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony with Amy. It was an amazing opportunity , it has opened my heart and mind to so many wonderful experiences. I am now on a spiritual journey I had never imagined but thoroughly enjoying and learning so much everyday.  Thank you Amy. -Geraldine

Event Detail

When: Upcoming dates TBC

Once a month thereafter


Where: The yoga studio,

Lotus Yoga Centre, Paraparaumu


What to bring: A journal and pen, water bottle, pillow, comfy clothes and an open mind

Who is welcome: This is a safe space which welcomes all who identify as women and are 18+






 $33 in-person

Seat at the circle, 91 Ruapehu Street, Paraparaumu







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Lotus Yoga Centre

The event will be held in the Lotus Yoga Centre that is located in the heart of the Lotus Eco Village that is being constructed on site.

There is plenty of parking inside the grounds.

Please observe the 15 km speed limit when driving within the grounds, as there could be village children playing in the area.

Follow the sealed road to the right of the entrance at 91 Ruapehu Street (sign posted Lotus Eco Village & Lotus Yoga Centre ).

Take the first turning on the left (sign posted LYC), and follow the road round to the right until you see the first building on your right hand side.

This is the Lotus Yoga Centre and Lotus Eco Village Community Centre.

Please park under the building or on the left hand side of the road.

Women's Circle Dates for 2022

Wednesday 22nd of June

Wednesday 27th of July

Wednesday 24th of August

Wednesday 28th September

Wednesday the 26th of October

Wednesday 23rd of November

Wednesday 21st of December

Lotus Yoga Centre

91 Ruapehu Street



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