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Awaken your fire, your spark, your fun and free spirit, awaken the part of you that places yourself at the bottom of your list and is ready to burst through into the center stage of your life.

Unwind: Breathe deeply and let go of your to-do list, daily responsibilities and completely switch off. Stress is not welcome here, so kick off your shoes, jump into the tropical water and enjoy the sunshine. You deserve to!

Journey: Adventurers and free spirits, it is time to pack your journal and to get your camera ready because international travel is calling you! Explore all on offer-aqua blue water, dreamy sunsets, markets, spirituality, and dive into the thrill of exploring this tropical paradise.

Discover: Away from the routines of life, identifying what you really need, what you deeply desire and how you want to change your life can often arise. Discover what makes you happy, discover the playful and relaxed part of you

Women's Day Retreat on the Kapiti Coast
Saturday the 4th of November 2023

Imagine stepping away from your responsibilities and 'to-do list' for a magical 8 hours. Unwind, journey, discover, deeply relax while you enjoy being served nourishing food and be held in a sacred container of divine feminine nurturing, empowerment and support.  Reconnect with yourself, tune in to your wants and needs and float away with a full cup and new desires to manifest...

Retreating is a powerful way to step away from the busy flow of your daily routines, habits and responsibilities and connect to the calm atmosphere and relaxed mood of the day to deeply nurture yourself on every level (I’m talking body, mind, and soul!) reconnect with your true nature and emerge from the retreat feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to start putting yourself first. YES!!

Here is to a day of soul-care, TLC, a boost of vitality and connection to beautiful soul sisters xx


Itinerary 9am - 5pm



Feminine Yoga Sequence 

& alignment to true self 

Ecstatic dance-dance your energy and raise your vibration


Smoothie bowls & raspberry chia seed pudding


Shamanic vision quest & vision board creation


Nourishing lunch and pond stroll and quiet contemplation


Women's Circle & card reading for each other

Cacao Ceremony & Singing bowl sound journey


Soulful practices of the day 

Feminine Yoga is such a beautiful ancient practice that has big impacts on you, your body and state of mind.  Yoga is also an incredible tool of self-exploration, self-care and spiritual connection. I teach gentle and restorative feminine yoga with a natural flow that nourishes the body, creates space to switch-off, turn your attention inward, and receive physical, emotional & energetic benefits.

Smoothie bowl & raspberry chia seed pudding take a seat and relax as you nourish your body, mind and soul 

Vision quest & vision board creation lay down and relax deeply while I lead you through a guided meditation to connect you to your self, to discover your needs right now and your big dreams moving forward. Manifesting is such a powerful tool and if you feel it within you, it is your purpose to live it! 

Create vision boards together to deeply anchoring into your vision to bring it to life. 

Warm, nourishing lunch with a view Sit down and enjoy the company of your new friends without having to lift a finger. You deserve it!

Sacred Women's Circle & Card Reading for each other Cards for divination explore the journey of self-discovery, asking readers to examine their own beliefs and seek direction for their future.


Sound bowl healing & Cacao Ceremony offer an opportunity to explore ideas and opportunities we can take for our life and creates space for some huge realisations and clarity to come forward. Big releases of emotion and energy are common as we often don’t process feelings and experiences completely at the time so that emotion attached can be stored in our physical body and energy body till there is an opportunity and safe space for that stored up energy to be felt and released. 

Bring your Bestie 
2 for $400
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Amy was calm, patient and made me feel so at ease in her yoga classes. Her direction is clear and easy and I loved how she incorporated her oils into the practice and beautifully described how each  thing contributed not only to our practice but in life.


This has been such precious time. Valuable self awareness and love for others. Especially loved the ritual, cacao ceremony, yoga, the sacred feminine, our swim in the awa-loved it! -Aroha

Amy has an open and soothing manner making her classes inviting and calming. I found her warm personality really inclusive and it was easy to settle into the class. - Karli

Thank you so much for that wonderful weekend. But mostly thank you for the times in the yurt. That was so powerful and I didn't realise I needed it untill afterwards.  I first walked into the yurt a broken woman but the last time I walked out, I walked out a better (not yet complete) woman. Your kind kind words the last day I longed for. I have never been told them words before. Sure my partner says nice things but nothing like what was said. I was never told these things growing up and never knew what it felt like. It was so emotional but I needed it. Thank you once again!

Retreat location: 
Lotus Yoga Centre, 91 Ruapehu Street Paraparaumu 

I am so excited to announce this dream location for the women's day retreat! Nestled in the foothills of Paraparaumu with a view of the ocean and Kapiti island, is this magical, hidden gem. 

Brand new build with a huge yoga studio with plush new carpet (must protect the knees!) and my favorite part, the sanctuary over looking a pond surrounded by trees.

All of the ingredients for this retreat are coming together to create a day full of serenity and gentle discovery. 


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As we consciously link our awareness to nature's cycles, our understanding of our own personal growth cycles begin to deepen.

Key benefits retreating
  • A day JUST for YOU!

  • The gift of time. Space and time away from the to do list can be incredibly liberating and rejuvenating

  • Capture the feeling of the current season to move with more ease and alignment as you move through your daily life. 

  • Renewed inspiration

  • Get excited about the season by exploring your dreams, desires, true wants and needs through the vision quest and manifesting workshop.

  • Connect with your mind, body and soul

  • Discover your goals and intentions from a place of authentic connection to true yourself and your intuition. Time and space will bring forth so much magic

  • A soul healing experience

  • The singing bowls are an experience of a life time. High vibrations, emotional release, a feeling of physical calm and deep relaxation

  • Confidence boost

  • Harnessing the energy of the sun boosts self-confidence, self-belief and positive power to achieve your goals and intentions. YASS!

  • System reset

  • Parasympathetic Nervous system activation. Our adrenal glands (and entire body!) get such a hammering on the daily when we are under constant stress-even if it is 'low-level' daily stress. Relaxing and switching off allows your body to rest and repair, your mind to produce more serotonin and dopamine (ie happiness), your digestive system improves, muscles release tension you may have been subconsciously holding (think tension headaches, jaw pain and tight shoulders), a deep connection to the needs of your physical body and your soul self. So much magic to discover

  • FUN!

  • On the daily we are keeping everyone fed, watered, happy while organising ourselves and our responsibilities. Get ready to laugh, connect with other like-minded women, and feel lit up by your newfound realisations and discoveries about yourself and what is ahead for you!”


Jonathan leading the sacred sound journey

Jonny & his journey with sound:

Music and sound have been central to my life for as long as I can remember. After discovering a passion for the flute, I eventually earned two degrees from a prestigious music conservatory in New York City and then went on to play professionally for about a decade. It was a life that I absolutely loved, but beneath the surface, the stress and anxiety of a music career in the big city slowly began to take its toll. Eventually my nervous system had had enough, and I developed focal dystonia — a neurological condition that affected my left hand so badly that I was forced to stop playing the flute.

I mourned the loss of my artistic and musical voice until one day, several years later, I discovered the amazing sound of crystal singing bowls. The bowls literally resonated with my body and soul, and they helped me to rediscover sound in a completely new way — I realised that sound itself has an incredible ability to heal, and I'd found exactly what had been missing from my life.

I now work with a variety of sound healing instruments — including a specially tuned set of nine crystal singing bowls as well as Tibetan bowls, chimes and tuning forks. Not only do these instruments affect us physically through the powerful healing vibrations of sound, but they also create a space in which our bodies and minds can rest, recover, and heal. I can't wait to share them with you!

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