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Do you feel like the spark and excitement you felt for life has gone and you are searching for more than your to-do list?

I’ve been there and I have got you.

Journey with me and explore spiritual practices so that you can create space to shine your light and get your groove back/thrive in a life tailormade by you/thrive and feel excited about your life. 

Spiritual tools and practices were once a treasured daily devotion for women throughout time.  It is my purpose to bring this wisdom to light and show you the ways of women to light up your life and allow your brightest light to shine.

Navigating life as a real-deal adult woman is no easy feat. Not by a long shot! 

I get it, you’re feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated, and exhausted with the endless to-do list! Am I right? 

Too often the expectations placed upon us (or our own expectations) are so high and never ending. They leave us feeling burnt-out, overworked and ready to throw in the towel.

I have been here before and get exactly the sensation of being tired to the bone and having no more fucks left to give. It’s a tough space to exist in, let alone pursue your passions, wake up with a beaming smile and show up as your best self. 


Well, what if I told you there was a way to see the light and find that powerful spark for your life again?


This is where I come in, Hi, I’m Amy. 33 years old, Mother of two, wife, psychic medium and down to earth spiritual teacher.

Spiritual practices have always been a part of my life and a huge passion of mine… 

But it wasn’t until I experienced postnatal anxiety and depression that these practices REALLY became a lifeline for me. 

I knew my greater mission was to support and guide women who felt disorientated with life and were experiencing a loss of self-identity on the path of Motherhood, as I had.

To guide and support women to not only to get through difficult times but to feel an electricity of excitement in everyday life and for the future ahead is one of my most important roles in this life.


Helping women become enchanted with their own self-discovery journey and realising they have everything they need inside of them already to make their dreams a reality is the cherry on top for me. 

Spiritual tools and practices were once a treasured daily devotion for women throughout time.  It is my purpose to bring this wisdom to light and show you the ways of women, to light up your life and allow your brightest light to shine. 


“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” – M Radmacher


Sacred Womanhood

The 8-week Spiritual Pathway for The Embodied Women

This program is designed for multi-tasking women with far too much on her plate who is searching for deeper fulfillment and to reignite the spark in her life #lostmymojo

In this 8 week online program, you will learn the sacred spiritual practices to embody and feel empowered as the beautiful, magnificent woman you are. Together, with your new sisterhood, I will teach you the wisdom of women that has been around for centuries that unfortunately our modern society has often lost touch with.

This course is all about EMBODIED womanhood, you'll learn Feminine Spiritual Practices and create a beautiful spiritual toolkit that will support you to reconnect with your true feminine essence and return to your feminine flow with ease.


Sacred Womanhood includes:

  •  8 live video calls with me & your new sisterhood

  • Weekly additions to your ‘Spiritual Toolkit’ 

  • Sacred Womanhood printable workbook

  • A private Facebook group to connect with your new Spiritual Sisterhood

  • Spiritual practices you will cherish for life

  • A deep connection with your femininity and sacred spirituality

  • 1:1 Psychic Readings with me in the VIP upgrade (see below)

  • Astrology birth chart in the VIP upgrade (see below)


Module one: Sacred Space & your sanctuary

​Smoke cleansing is a powerful spiritual practice to clear stagnant energies, refresh spaces and maintain spiritual hygiene so positive magic can flow into yourself and your world. Creating your sacred alter and space dedicated to you 

Spiritual tool: Cleansing your space

​Module two: Moon cycles, feminine rhythms 

 As we understand the cycles of the moon we discover the magic of our feminine cycles and explore and lunar rituals for the full and new moon. ​

The lunar cycle is a powerful tool and guideline that we can use as ancient civilizations and circles of woman have practiced for thousands of years. 

Spiritual tool: Moon calendar 

Module three: Connecting with Mother Earth 

The wheel of life explores the rhythms and cycles of the year. Explore the energies of the seasons, the 4 directions and the magic of the elements and to move with the natural ebbs and flows of nature. Celebrate the 2 solstices, and equinox of the year. 

Spiritual tool: Grounding Practice

Module 4: Spiritual connection & intuition as your superpower

Explore ways to connect to light source, your spirit guides and your higher self. Intuition, innate knowing, connection to ancestral wisdom, protective instinct, deep connection to intuition and one's self. Also known as; Superpower of women​

Spiritual tool: Pulling and reading oracle and tarot cards


Module five: Authentically you in everyday life


Infusing the beauty and magic of feminine spirituality into your daily life. Creating a ritual with your morning brew can become such an incredibly peaceful practice to begin your day with. Explore ancient practices to seamless add to your life as a modern woman

         Spiritual tool: Create a soulful morning ritual 

Module six: Practices of Women

The lineage of women is the most sacred wisdom we can gain and the most precious gift we can receive The ways of women

Discover the magical world of feminine spirituality including beautiful rituals and practices


Spiritual tool: Discover your energy body & balancing practices

​Module seven: Women’s circles and Sisterhood 

When women support women, amazing things happen. In our modern age, we have lost the soul connection to our fellow women and the sacred space created for sharing stories, troubles, finding healing and comfort can’t always be found.

More and more women and longing for and craving this deep feminine connect and are feeling drawn to women’s circles to reclaim that sacred connection

Spiritual tool: Creating a sacred women's circle with the women in your life


​Module eight: Women’s circle & closing ceremony

​As we join together for the final time, we will infuse all of the wisdom learned and shared with a virtual Women's Circle. The Moon Lodge and women’s closing ceremony

With the wisdom of women and the sacred feminine, we will join together to experience a women’s circle rich with wisdom, truth, feminine spirituality and deep connection to one and other, Mother Earth, Grandmother moon and the guardians who watch over us.

Sacred Womanhood Packages



Lifelong full access to 'Sacred Womanhood'

Payment plan available $44 per week for the 8 week duration of the program. Total $352

Email me on to set it up

VIP upgrade $499

Includes full access to 'Sacred Womanhood'

Astrology Birth Chart and 1:1 Psychic medium Reading with me

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Can you imagine… 

Feeling fully embodied in who you are, what you love and how you want to show up in your life. 

Think waking up feeling a calm excitement for your day ahead, knowing you are honoring yourself by saying ‘no’ whenever you want to, saying a big fat ‘yes’ to that which lifts you up and sparking up so much you light up those around you!

How incredible will you feel!? 

And it’s allllll awaiting you… You don’t need to be some spiritual guru to create this for yourself! I will guide you back to these sacred spiritual practices that have supported women for thousands of years and are so needed now to remind us that we are already enough (so much more than enough) and show you how important and refreshing play, fun and time for yourself, are. In fact, it’s vital. 

You have the ability to create the life you have been longing for and I will show you how.


“Amy is a beautiful and authentic soul. I stepped out of my solitude to attend Amy's course and found a wonderful space of like minded individuals and new direction in my life. If you're feeling stuck I highly recommend these programs with Amy and begin to feel the love that will enter your life” -Samantha

“Amy’s the best! Warm, funny, and caring. She got me from tears to laughter when I needed it most” -Morgan

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Sacred Womanhood is for you if: 

  • Fell exhausted and overwhelmed by daily responsibilities and “adulting” 

  • Longing to feel energized, inspired and refreshed 

  • High expectations  are sucking the joy out of life

  • You’re ready to throw in the towel, HELP! 

  • In search of your spark, mojo, and the fun and free version of you

  • Feel excited about learning new spiritual tools and practices 

  • You’re a little nervous but equally excited about all the woo-woo stuff 

  • You want real, tangible tools to support yourself 

  • Explore your spirituality, develop your intuition and reconnect with your deepest and most authentic self

  • You are ready to become more confident in your life and step onto the path you were born to walk

  • If you identify as feminine LGBTQ+ friendly and supportive

  • If you are anywhere in the world and excited about joining an online space. I'll make the tech stuff easy-I promise!!

  • If you are craving a deep connection and feel like there's something missing from your life


Sacred Womanhood isn’t for you if: 

  • If you are loving your life right now, care free, fun and fabulous 

  • You’ve got your shit together and it’s all working for you 

  • You already have an extensive spiritual toolkit or don’t feel you want to expand or deeper your practices.

​Amy has a beautiful presence that radiates out to everyone that encounters her energies.  Most of all, Amy helped me to believe in myself.  She gave me the courage and strength to pursue my dreams, my gifts and hidden talents. Amy is intuitive and spiritually gifted. She is a beacon of Love and Divine Light.  Thank you Amy -Doris


I went to the Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony with Amy. It was an amazing opportunity , it has opened my heart and mind to so many wonderful experiences. I am now on a spiritual journey I had never imagined but thoroughly enjoying and learning so much everyday.  Thank you Amy -Geraldine

I attended Amy’s women’s day retreat in January. Amy is a beautiful soul and has a beautiful caring and fun energy. The retreat was packed with great activities (yoga, meditation, sound bowls) and gave me space and clarity to recentre and connect. Highly recommend. Thanks Amy -Raylene

Sacred Womanhood Packages
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Lifelong full access to 'Sacred Womanhood'

the 8 week spiritual journey for the embodied woman

Payment plan available $44 per week for the 8 week duration of the program. Total $352

Email me on to set it up

VIP upgrade $499

Includes full access to 'Sacred Womanhood'

Astrology Birth Chart and 1:1 Psychic medium Reading with me

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Sacred womanhood cover.png
Frequently asked questions

When are the live calls?

The first call will be Monday the 21st of February NZT at 7pm. Thereafter, every Tuesday at 12pm for one hour. Our final call and shared women's circle with be discussed and decided as a group so that we can all be there together. 


What if I can't make it to the live calls?

All calls will be on Zoom and recorded for you and sent via email to watch at a time that suits you. All recordings will be uploaded to the private Facebook page also. 

What if I don't know much about spirituality?

If you are new to the world of spirituality or if you already have a regular spiritual practice, this course is ideal no matter what stage of your journey. I have created a workbook for you to dive deeper after our weekly calls together to learn more and explore what resonates with you. I always ask that you be open to learning and also feel safe to leave what doesn't align with you at this current moment. 

Do I need to do any prep before each weekly call?

Each week you will be given a 'soul work' task which will add to your Spiritual Toolkit. Ideally, you will complete the practice before the next call. Then, get cosy, grab a warm cuppa and join me and your new sisterhood online!


How much time do I need to devote to this program?

Each call will be one hour and you will have a new spiritual tool and practice to explore in your own time each week for example smudging your home, as your 'soul work'. These practices are for you to integrate into your life moving forward so it is best to have fun and enjoy exploring your new spiritual toolkit. How much time you devote to this program is totally up to you. I have designed it to fit around busy schedules so if you can only make part of the live call and watch the rest when you can and in your own pace. 

Can I join from anywhere around the world?

Absolutely! The calls will be done in NZT and will be recorded on Zoom and sent to you to watch in your own time if you can't make it live. 

What if me and technology aren't friends?

I see you and I get you! I will send you the Zoom link each week and all you need to do is simply click on it. The recording will be emailed to you to watch AND posted on the private Facebook group so you won't miss out on a thing :-)

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